• 05 Oct

    Math.Trig Icon Make sure to download the latest update for Math.Trig when it is released in the next week or two. Not only does Math.Trig have a new, fresh look, it has lots more features making it one of the leading iPhone (and now iPad) apps for solving triangles.

    The beautifully simple method for drawing triangles, by dragging your fingers across the screen, works better than ever. With this update, the triangle automatically re-draws filling the screen, making it easier to see the details. Math.Trig also automatically calculates the height and area of the triangle as well as angles and side-lengths.

    The new features include being able to change the units of angles between, degrees, radians and gradients. The radians are calculated as a multiple of pi, this makes it particularly useful if you want to use the

    Major upgrade, Math.Trig