• 07 Jun

    CalcApps is soon to launch its new website and logo. The site will be full of reviews and comparisons of both CalcApps own iPhone apps and others on the market. Screenshots, comparisons and walkthroughs help you decide which is the best app to buy.

    CalcApps makes and reviews apps for the finance and math markets. We aim to maximise the potential of the iPhone to make fun to use, yet useful calculator apps.

    Updates to Math.Trig and OptionsEQ

    Along with the new website, CalcApps has been working hard to make some great improvements to our existing iPhone apps, Math.Trig a triangle solving app and OptionsEQ an equity options calculator app. If you have either of these apps, please install the update, we’ll let you know the release date, you’ll immediately see there’s a new look and there are some great new features.

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